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Frequently asked questions

Can I use Imgedit to create AI images for free?

Yes, during the membership period, all tools on the entire site can be used for free.

What payment methods do you support?

At the moment, we accept paypal and we plan on introducing additional payment options in due course.

Is the checkout secure?

Yes. Payments are processed by Stripe. This is one of the largest payment processors out there, and you can rest assured that your payments are in good hands.

Why need to pay for the AI image generator?

Generating AI art demands a significant amount of computing power, which comes at a cost for us. As technology advances and AI algorithms become more efficient, the expense of ImgEdit Al has and will keep decreasing. Our goal is to make AI art creation accessible and affordable for everyone.

Can I use the AI images I create for commercial use?

To utilize AI images generated with Imgedit for commercial purposes, a paid plan is necessary and there may be certain restrictions on the size of your monetization.